Practical Communicative Chinese 4

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Practical Communicative Chinese is the research finding on “Specialized Teaching Materials for The Belt and Road Initiative and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area”. This set focuses on cultivating Chinese learners’ Chinese communication competence, and designs for primary Chinese learners from “Belt and Road” countries, especially Southeast Asian countries. The whole set consists of 4 volumes, each of which includes 6 communicative parts, 24 communicative functions and 2 comprehensive practices. The communicative functions involved include “meeting and greeting”, “asking for help”, “shopping and bargaining”, “sports and fitness”, “medical treatment”, “tourism”, etc., which can meet the common communication needs of international students in daily life, study and travel. All communication topics are derived from practice and are highly realistic and practical. The textbook design pays special attention to the application of digital technology, and provides various resources including audio recording, animation, Chinese writing video, etc., which enable readers to have a good interactive experience.

This is the fourth volume, which includes communication items such as “banking business”, “rental business”, “payment business”, “holiday greetings”, “communication at work”, and “speeches”.

About the Author
Wang Gongping is an associate professor and postgraduate supervisor of College of Chinese Language and Culture, Jinan University. He has a PhD in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics. His main research focuses on teaching Chinese as a foreign language and Chinese language education, second language acquisition, and international Chinese teaching materials and resources. He has presided over and participated in 15 projects, including the National 863 Project, the National Social Science Foundation, the Youth Fund and Planning Fund of the Ministry of Education, and the Planning Fund of the State Language Commission, etc. He has published 11 works and textbooks independently and jointly, and more than 40 academic papers on teaching Chinese as a foreign language and Chinese language education.

Editorial Review
Communicative: The textbooks are mainly designed to cultivate learners’ Chinese communicative ability.

Practicable: The textbooks emphasize the integration of learning and practice.

Authentic: The corpora of the textbooks come from real life and serve real communication scenes.

Three-dimensional: The textbooks are equipped with various resources, such as audio recording, animation, and animated illustrations of Chinese characters.
The books are mainly designed for overseas learners such as Southeast Asian learners, and also for beginners and Chinese learners at the primary level.

It is recommended to spend two class hours for one lesson, two lessons a week, twelve weeks a semester, in order to finish one volume’s teaching.

It is necessary to fully understand and implement the compiling concept of this textbook - intelligent teaching and learning.

This concept requires to make full use of information technology and follow the law of students’ growth to cultivate learners’ Chinese communicative ability, based on mastering Chinese and aiming at understanding Chinese culture.

2. It is necessary to reasonably explain and practice the four pairs of teaching contents in this textbook, in order to realize the practicability and applicability of communication. The four pairs are Chinese-world, ancient China-contemporary China, Chinese language-Chinese culture, popular communication topics and expressions-elegant communication topics and expressions.

3. It is necessary to use the rich teaching resources of this textbook in a scientific and flexible way.

(1) The content of paper resources is carried out in turn with each lesson including six parts. However, whether for teachers’ teaching or students’ learning, it’s better to flexibly adjust according to their own abilities instead of mechanically following.

(2) Every lesson of electronic resources includes audio, animation video, and GIF of Chinese characters. It’s better to make full use of it in an intelligent way, whether for teaching inside the classroom or practicing outside the classroom. Teachers should scientifically guide, demonstrate and supervise, in order to truly adapt to and realize the mobile and instant Chinese learning anywhere.
Table of Contents
Table of contents: Practical Communicative Chinese 4 (ISBN:9787561964545)Table of contents: Practical Communicative Chinese 4 (ISBN:9787561964545)Table of contents: Practical Communicative Chinese 4 (ISBN:9787561964545)
Practical Communicative Chinese 4