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Chinese with Me: An Integrated Course Book II With CD
ISBN: 9787301135198 | Published on 03/2008 | Series: Chinese with Me | Reviews:

Short-Term Spoken Chinese (3rd Edition): Intermediate (with audio)
ISBN: 9787301263532 | Published on 12/2015 | Series: Short-Term Spoken Chinese (3rd Edition)
Please scan the QR code at the back cover of the book to access audios....

My Little Chinese Story Books (10): Chinese Dishes (Story Book + CD-Rom)
ISBN: 9787301147184 | Published on 04/2009 | Series: My Little Chinese Story Books
This series is a illustrated story books author simplest language describes one vivid interesting story. Story with students living and learning in...

New Silk Road Business Chinese - Elementary I Answer Keys
ISBN: 9787301137178 | Series: New Silk Road Business Chinese | Reviews:
Answer keys for exercises in the book New Silk Road Business Chinese - Elementary I

Conversational Chinese 301 (4th Edition) volume 1
ISBN: 9787301256510 | Published on 06/2015 | Series: Conversational Chinese 301 4th Edition | Reviews:
This book is said to be the best-selling Chinese textbook for foreigners. Since the first version published in 1990, the total sales volume have...

Chinese for Living in China 4 (with CD)
ISBN: 9787301287941 | Published on 11/2017 | Series: Chinese for Living in China | Reviews:

Gateway to Business Chinese Regular Formulas and Etiquette
ISBN: 9787301085417 | Published on 04/2005
商务汉语系列教材是国家汉办规划教材。本系列教材以时华商务活动为背景,并以交际功能为纲组织语言项目,重在口语会话。《商务汉语入门》(基本礼仪篇)针 对初学者,训练必要的商务与日常礼节性交际语言技能。适用于完全没有或只具有一点汉语基础的工商界人士以及其他希望学习一些基础商务汉语的人。本教材采用...

Chinese Breeze Graded Reader Series, Level 2: 500 Word Level - An Old Painting (with 1 MP3)
ISBN: 7301174659,9787301174654 | Published on 09/2010 | Series: Chinese Breeze Graded Reader Series | Reviews:
2nd edition available...
... more info

Short-Term Spoken Chinese (3rd Edition): Threshold vol 2 (with audio)
ISBN: 9787301239926 | Published on 11/2015 | Series: Short-Term Spoken Chinese (3rd Edition)

Intermediate Spoken Chinese (Third Edition) vol 2
ISBN: 9787301253632 | Published on 05/2015 | Series: Spoken Chinese (3rd Edition)

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Peking University Press (PUP) was founded in 1902 as the very first university press in China. Reestablished in 1979, it now is the comprehensive press at the national level. Sticking to the principle of“facilitating teaching and scientific research, assisting academic development and cultivating talented intellectuals,” PUP has been laying great emphasis on educational and academic publication. 
Based on the rich resources of the Peking University's talented faculty and with the support from the foreign scholars and experts all over the world, PUP has published and introduced a great amount of university textbooks, reference books and academic works, ranging from humanities, social and natural sciences, to information technologies. It has also compiled and reprinted many important ancient and rare books. Academic journals, audio-visual and electronic products are among the PUP publication, too.