Paris, Moscow, Beijing

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Language: English
Page: 112
Publication Date: 08/2019
ISBN: 9787508542058
About Author
Doctor of Philosophy and Epistemology (PhD). Consultant in communication & strategy, ethics and digital / Speaker, teacher-researcher in several schools and universities. She created the company of philosophy and strategy Bressler Conseil (in 2011). Placing philosophy at the heart of her approach, she chose to confront it in the field, to jostle it up to raise geostrategic issues.
From traveling to traveling, she based her expertise on understanding cultures and especially listening to them. By dint of confrontation, she has established new reflections on the communication of influence, the issues of languages and territories (sometimes even imaginary). She has developed a data-philosophy in favor of human rights. It places ethics and the appropriation of datas at the heart of a metamorphosis of our social system. Since December 2017, she has created the publishing house, La Route de la Soie-Éditions, whose main objective is to create links between cultures.
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Sample pages of Paris, Moscow, Beijing (ISBN:9787508542058)
Sample pages of Paris, Moscow, Beijing (ISBN:9787508542058)
Sample pages of Paris, Moscow, Beijing (ISBN:9787508542058)
Paris, Moscow, Beijing