Vivir el chino: Vivir en China Ejercicios

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Planned by the China National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, Written for Chinese-language learners at the beginning level, the material provided is suited for short-term classes or one-on one tutorials. It incorporates the concept of learning-through-experience and functional language learning and is aimed at daily communication, (focus on listening and speaking skills.) The book consists of one Pronunciation (2-4 hours) and twelve units (3-4 hours/unit), totaling 40-50 teaching hours.
Table of Contents
Unidada1 你好!
Unidada2 现在几点?
Unidada3 那件毛衣怎么卖?
Unidada4 要一个宫保鸡丁
Unidada5 你在哪儿工作?
Unidada6 安娜在吗?
Unidada7 一直走
Unidada8 你的新家在哪儿?
Unidada9 你怎么了?
Unidada10 你会修电脑吗?
Unidada11 太冷了!
Unidada12 请把桌子擦一下儿
Vivir el chino: Vivir en China Ejercicios