Paper-cut Art in Weihai

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  • Author: Lin Ling;
  • Language: Chinese, English
  • Page: 215
  • Publication Date: 11/2012
  • ISBN: 9787510435171
  • Publisher: New World Press
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Paper-cut Art in Weihai is published officially as a data book which systematically introduces the paper-cut art in Weihai. This is a happy event worth celebrating in the cultural life of the whole district.
As an artistic form, paper-cut has a long history with local customs and culture, reflecting local folks’ lives and spiritual quality. The beautiful mountains, rivers and sea in Weihai have brought up diligent, honest, self-independent and tolerant folks and cultivated numerous dexterous and talented paper-cut artists. The paper-cut art here is rustic yet decent, plain yet specific. This book is a collection of paper-cut works with profound ideas, deep and delicate feelings and excellent art. It is a valuable record of Weihai’s paper-cut works and definitely plays an essential role in inheritance and development of paper-cut art.
In recent years, especially since the Sixth Plenary Session the seventeenth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, Huancui District Party Committee and District Government have highly valued the cultural construction, developed characteristic cultural industries, promoted excellent traditional culture, explored revolutionary culture and folk culture, volunteered to preserve and develop non-material cultural heritage, and inherited the representative folk arts actively to create a good environment for a cultural development and prosperity. I firmly believe that after the publication of the book, more and better artistic works will continue to emerge to make greater contributions to the construction of a strong cultural district.
Sun Kailian 
Secretary of Huancui District Party Committee of the Communist Party of China in Weihai City
June, 2012
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Paper-cut Art in Weihai