Lectures on Chinese Culture (II (with 2 DVD)

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Author: Wang Lujiang;
Language: English
Format: Paper
Page: 130
Publication Date: 08/2012
ISBN: 9787561933299
Series: Lectures on Chinese Culture
Chinese culture boasts a long history, endowed with broad and profound significance. Beijing Language and Culture University, as a higher educational institute specialized in Chinese language and culture education for the students studying Chinese as a foreign language, should shoulder its distinctive duty in the transmission of Chinese language and culture. In order to help the international students overcome the linguistic barriers so as to sharpen and broaden their recognition and understanding of Chinese culture for the ultimate better exchange between China and the world, we launched the English lectures featuring Chinese culture in September 2009. So far, the lectures have been running for six rounds, each comprising 8-10 lectures, covering such wide topics as Chinese history, literature, philosophy, art, folk customs, education, economy, architecture. Nine lectures from the six rounds have been selected to be compiled and published as Lectures on Chinese Culture (Part Two). Besides the textual explanation, the book includes many pictures and a DVD of the lecturers, which will help the readers have a better understanding of Chinese culture.
Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of Lectures on Chinese Culture (II (with 2 DVD) (ISBN:9787561933299)
Sample pages of Lectures on Chinese Culture (II (with 2 DVD) (ISBN:9787561933299)
Sample pages of Lectures on Chinese Culture (II (with 2 DVD) (ISBN:9787561933299)
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Lectures on Chinese Culture (II (with 2 DVD)