Outlaws of the Marsh(in 3 vols)

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Table of Contents
Translator's Note
Zhang the Divine Teacher Prays to Dispel a Plague;
Marshal Hong Releases Demons by Mistake
Arms Instructor Wang Goes Secretly to Yanan Prefecture; Nine Dragons Shi Jin Wreaks Havoc in Shi Family Village
Master Shi Leaves Huayin County at Night;
Major Lu Pummels the Lord of the West
Sagacious Lu Puts Mount Wutai in an Uproar;
Squire Zhao Repairs Wenshu Monastery
Drunk, the Little King Raises the Gold-Spangled Bed Curtairis; Lu the Tattooed Monk Throws Peach Blossom Village into Confusion
Nine Dragons Shi Jin Robs in Red Pine Forest;
Sagacious Lu Burns Down Waguan Monastery
The Tattooed Monk Uproots a Willow Tree;
Lin Chong Enters White Tiger Inner Sanctum by Mistake
Arms Instructor Lin Is Tattooed and Exiled to Cangzhou; Sagacious Lu Makes a Shambles of Wild Boar Forest
Chai Jin Keeps Open House for All Bold Men;
Lin Chong Defeats Instructor Hong in a Bout with Staves
Lin Chong Shelters from the Snowstorm in the Mountain Spirit Temple; Captain Lu Qian Sets Fire to the Fodder Depot
Zhu Gui Shoots a Signal Arrow from the Lakeside Pavilion; Lin Chong Climbs Mount Langshan in the Snowy Night
Lin Chong Joins the Bandits in Liangshan Marsh;
Yang Zhi Sells His Sword in the Eastern Capital
The Blue-Faced Beast Battles in the Northerri Capital;
Urgent Vanguard Vies for Honors on the Training Field
Red-Haired Demon Lies Drunk in Lingguan Temple;
Chao the Heavenly King Acknowledges a Nephew" in East Bank Village
Wu Yong Persuades the Three Ruan Brothers to Join;
Gongsun Sheng Becomes One of the Righteous Seven
Yang Zhi Escorts a Convoy of Precious Goods;
Wu Yong by a Ruse Captures the Birthday Gifts
The Tattooed Monk Assaults Two-Dragon Mountain Alone; With the Blue-Faced Beast He Takes Precious Pearl Monastery
Song Jiang Secretly Helps Ward Chief Chao Flee;
Beautiful Beard Cleverly Fools the Winged Tiger
Lin Chong Stirs Internal Strife in the Water-Girt Stronghold; Chao Gai Wins a Battle in Liangshan Marsh
The Men of Liangshan Marsh Make Chao Gai Their Chief; Liu Tang Leaves Yuncheng Town on a Moonlit Night
Drunk, the Old Bawd Beats Tang the Ox;
Song Jiang Slays Poxi in a Fit of Anger
Mistress Yan Raises a Row at the County Office;
Constable Zhu Tong Gallantly Lets Song Jiang Escape
Lord Chai Accommodates Guests in Henghai County;
Wu Song Kills a Tiger on Jingyang Ridge
For Money.Mistress Wang Arranges a Seduction;
In Anger Yunge Riots in the Tea-Shop
Mistress Wang Instigates Ximen Qing;
The Adulterous Wife Poisons Wu the Elder
Coroner He Steals Bones from the Funeral Pyre;
Wu Song Offers Heads as Memorial Sacrifices
The Witch of Mengzhou Road Sells Drugged Wine;
Constable Wu Meets Zhang Qing at Crossroads Rise
Wu Song's Prestige Shakes Anping Stockade;
Shi En Retakes Happy Grove
Wu Song, Drunk, Beats Jiang the Gate Guard Giant;
Shi En Once More Controls His Mengzhou Establishment
Shi En Three Times Enters the Condemned Cell;
Wu Song Goes Wild at Flying-Cloud Ponds
Sample Pages Preview
"How much for the two?"
"We don't bargain. You can have them at rock-bottom five ounces of silver for both."
"It's a deal. If you do a good job, rll give you more."
The smith accepted the silver. "We'll start right away."
"I have some small change here. Come out and have a bowl of wine with me."
"Excuse me, Reverend. I must get on with my work. I can't keep you company."
Sagacious Lu left the ironsmith's. Before he had gone thirty paces, he saw a wine shop banner sticking out from the e
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