On Comprehensive Chinese Course Books (Texts)

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Level: Chinese Teachers (TCSL), 汉语研究者

This book includes two volumes: the volume of texts and the volume of charts. This is the volume of texts, which covers several major aspects, including a brief introduction to the Comprehensive Chinese Course, a summary of the principles in the compilation of the comprehensive course books, a summary of the comprehensive course books, a review of the textbooks at the elementary, intermediate and advanced levels respectively, an evaluation of the textbooks and the trends of the textbooks and frame, etc. The index to the tables and charts and the three categories of tables and charts in the appendix provide a reference for readers to choose and evaluate textbooks.

About the Author
Ni Mingliang is an associate professor in the College of Chinese Studies, Beijing Language and Culture University, who has been engaged in the research of the education and textbooks of Chinese as a foreign language for almost 30 years. Mr. Ni shows profound insights into the textbooks of various Chinese courses, especially of the Comprehensive Chinese Course.
On Comprehensive Chinese Course Books (Texts)