User Guide for Chinese to Pinyin/Zhuyin Converter

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  • Context-based Pinyin Correction: The tool will analyze the context of each character and suggest the correct Pinyin. Example: "行长认为方案是可行的" will be converted into "háng zhăng rèn wéi fāng àn shì kĕ xíng de," considering the different Pinyin results for the character "行" based on the context.
  • Support both Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese;
  • Translation result can be in Pinyin or Zhuyin (Bopomofo) or pinyin tone mark only;
  • Provide pronunciation for each character/word and paragraph;
  • Support export as EPUB, Mobi, PDF, Word document;
  • Built-in function to generate vocabulary list;
  • Support translating from Chinese to more than 30 languages;
  • Displays the boundaries of Chinese words, making it easier to read and understand the text; 
  • Provide JavaScript bookmarklet, which is available for most of major browsers; 
  • Provide extension and app for Google Chrome browser
How to Use

A Original Text: Your original input will be displayed here for your reference
B Result Section: Conversion result will be displayed in this section
C Vocabulary List Sidebar: Chinese word in result section can be added here. Both pinyin and English explanation will be displayed. This section can be closed by clicking on checkbox E 
D Show Pinyin Only: When checked, Chinese characters on result area will be hidden, only Pinyin will be displayed
E Show/Hide Vocabulary List Sidebar: This checkbox is used to toggle the Vocabulary List Sidebar
F Generate practice sheet: Generate a writing practice sheet of original text in PDF format
G Vocabulary List Generator: When clicked, you will be redirected to the Vocabulary List Generator tool, which will create a list of all vocabularies in your input text
H Export to Word: Export the result into word document in table format
I Print: Print the result. If you have a PDF printer installed, this function also allow you to export the result into PDF document
J Share Result: Generate URL for the result page so that you can share with others
K Pinyin in the Result Section: You can click on the pinyin to learn how to pronounce it
L Chinese in the Result Section: When you click on the Chinese word in the result section, the clicked word will be highlighted. In the meanwhile, it will be auto added to the right Vocabulary List Sidebar.
If "Show Annotation" option is checked, you can also mouse over the Chinese word to see its English explanation
M Speak/Translate Speak / Translate button is available at the end of each paragraph. You can click on the speak icon to listen to the pronunciation of whole paragraph, or click on the translate button to see the English translation
N Export to Word: Export the word list displayed in Vocabulary List Sidebar into Word document
O Character Count: Currently we allow up to 500 characters for each conversion, here you can see number of characters you have input
P Show Annotation: when checked, English annotation will be added in the search result, which will appear when you mouseover the Chinese words in the result section

Q View Options: you can choose to view the result as

  • Pinyin with tone mark (e.g. pīn yīn)
  • Pinyin with tone number (pin1 yin1)
  • Zhuyin (ㄆ丨ㄣ 一ㄣ)
  • Tone mark only (- -). Tone mark only will be useful to practise tones

R Share on Facebook and Google+: If you find this tool useful, please help us spread the word!

Change Log
- For convert file function, now you can choose the location of the phonetics (on the top of Chinese characters, on the bottom of Chinese characters, or on the right side of each Chinese words).
- Add sorting function on the Word List sidebar.
- In the Copy result popup, now you can choose whether to keep the non-Chinese characters (e.g. English words, punctuations) in the phonetics.

- Add "Export to Word" function on vocabulary list sidebar

- Add option to add tone marks only (without Pinyin) above characters, which can be used to practice tones

- Bug fixing for Ao4 conversion

- Add supports to Zhuyin

- Revised algorithm to improve the conversion accuracy

- Allow user to save the conversion result and share with others

- Add translation to English function

- Add English annotation function

- Add sentence pronunciation function

- Add pinyin pronunciation function

- Add Export to Word function

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