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A Man and His Horse
ISBN: 9787510456411, 751045641X | Published on 10/2016

A New Chinese Identity
ISBN: 9787510405389 | Published on 09/2009
This book is a must read for all those who are interested in understanding the complexities of the modern Chinese society. From the Internet and...

A Quarter of World in Their Hands
ISBN: 9787510405259 | Published on 09/2009
Here are 19 stories from everyday people of renown growing with New China,recounting their winding paths and personal strivings. Listen to these...

A River of Time in Tibet
ISBN: 9787510454295 | Published on 12/2015
This book digs out and salvages the personal stories of legendary figures in modern and contemporary Tibet who experienced the change of government...

A Survey of China's Post-1980s Generation
ISBN: 9787510429576 | Published on 06/2013
About Author 段东涛,男,中国山东济南人,是一位作家、画家及影视制片人,八零后,毕业于上海师范大学美术学院绘画系中国画专业,获文学学士学位。 大学毕业后从事过记者、艺术策展人、唱片及影视策划及推广等工作,现在是中国一家影视公司的总经理,是电影、电视剧的制片人。 Duan...

A World Away from Fairy Tales
ISBN: 9787510475344 | Published on 12/2022

An English-Chinese & Chinese-English Dictionary of World Trade Terms
ISBN: 9787800059759 | Published on 01/2003
After China's continuous reforming and entry into WTO. China is participating into world-wide activities more than ever. Thus a practical...

An Introduction to the Analects
ISBN: 9787510435751 | Published on 08/2014
The Analects of Confucius is a work of philosophy which has had a profound influence on Chinese society and the Chinese people throughout the...

Ancient Chinese Ballads: Ballads from Pre-Qin Dynasty (Pre-221 BC)
ISBN: 9787510455148 | Published on 01/2016 | Series: First Books for Early Learning Series

Ancient Chinese Ballads: Ballads from the Han and Jin Dynasties (206 BC - AD 420)
ISBN: 9787510455124, 751045512X | Published on 01/2016 | Series: First Books for Early Learning Series

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