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Stories of Ancient Chinese Sages: Lao Zi Leaves Hangu Pass
ISBN: 9787510452574 | Published on 01/2015 | Series: Stories of Ancient Chinese Sages
This book is the first volume of the Chinese Ancient Sages series. Lao Zi is a renowned thinker in Spring and Autumn Period of China. He couldnt bear...

Chinese Ancient Love Stories: The Peony Pavilion (English-Chinese)
ISBN: 7800054330/I·023 | Published on 04/1999 | Series: Chinese Ancient Love Stories
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Chinese Ancient Love Story: The Palace of Eternal Youth (English-Chinese)
ISBN: 7800055531/9787800055539 | Published on 01/2000 | Series: Chinese Ancient Love Stories

The Big Picture Book of Chinese Culture: Colorful Art
ISBN: 9787510429873 | Published on 07/2013 | Series: The Big Picture Book of Chinese Culture

Shambhala: The Road Less Travelled in Western Tibet
ISBN: 9787802285903 | Published on 06/2008 | Reviews:
In a shop along the busy Barkor Street in Lhasa, Laurence J. Brahm stumbles upon an ancient Buddhist sutra, The Shambhala Sutra. His purchase of this...

Tending the Roots of Wisdom - Library of Chinese Classics
ISBN: 9787801871541 | Published on 12/2003 | Series: Library of Chinese Classics | Reviews:
Tending the Roots of Wisdom is a book of aphorisms written in essay form, mainly dealing with the topic of how to conduct one's life properly....
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Speaking Chinese 500 Daily Expressions
ISBN: 7800053857 | Published on 01/1999
This book is composed of 500 daily-used phrases and idioms selected from everyday Chinese life and basic Chinese reading materials. Each expression...
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A Dictionary of Popular Chinese Phrases in English
ISBN: 9787510447341 | Published on 01/2014

Snow in Summer:Classical Chinese Tragedy
ISBN: 9787800056468 | Published on 01/2002 | Series: Tragic Stories from Ancient China | Reviews:
This book is the master work of the illustrious Yuan Dynasty zaju playwright Guan Hanqing. The embryo of the story was an ancient folk tale,...

Ancient Chinese Myths: Nuwa Mends the Heavens
ISBN: 9787510452321 | Published on 01/2015 | Series: Ancient Chinese Myths
Nuwa Mends the Heavens is Book III of Chinese ancient myths. It is one of the legends from the ancient times. Nuwa, the world-creating goddess, is...

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