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Say It Easily 2 (1 Book + 1 CD)
ISBN: 7801874072 | Published on 09/2004 | Series: Say It Easily
学习汉语,开口就是成功。只要开口,你的一只脚就已经跨入了汉语的大门。你会惊喜地发现:入门很容易,深造也不是很难。 开口,必须从身边的常用语句开始。本书精选了日常生活中使用频率高、鲜活、纯正、实用的近500个日语短句。这些短句语境真实,代表了当今汉语口语的流行趋势和HSK听力部分的考查方向。...
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Practical Chinese Massage Therapy with Illustrations
ISBN: 9787510423826 | Published on 01/2012
This book selects 20 diseases getting significant effect in clinical Chinese massage therapy. Every massage manipulation takes illustrations as the...

Quest For Chinese Culture
ISBN: 9787510407017 | Published on 01/2010 | Reviews:
One thousand years after the fall of the Tang Dynasty, the Chinese civilization as a whole was nearly on the verge of distinction. However, just at...
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Chinese Ancient Love Story: The River Flows Eastward in Spring (English-Chinese)
ISBN: 7801873076/9787801873071 | Published on 08/2004 | Series: Chinese Ancient Love Stories
In the latter part of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period (907-960), Li Yu, king of Southern Tang, takes to wife the younger sister of his...
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A Chef Master from the Hutong
ISBN: 9787510461255 | Published on 08/2017

The Illustrated Book of The Analects
ISBN: 9787802285934 | Published on 10/2008
The Analects are a record of the words and deeds of the renowned Chinese thinker Confucius and his disciples, including their discussions. Written...

Synopsis of Prescriptions of The Golden Chamber
ISBN: 7510457149,9787510457142 | Published on 06/2016
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Practical Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology: Medicinal Herbs (English)
ISBN: 7800051196 | Published on 01/1993
This book is the third volume in the "Practical Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology" series.   With a view to practicability...

Stories of Folk Customs: The Story Behind the Dragon Boat Festival
ISBN: 9787510452475,7510452473 | Published on 01/2015 | Series: Stories of Folk Customs | Reviews:
The Story Behind the Dragon Boat Festival is the third volume of Chinese folk stories. It tells that: because of the Qins invasion and incompetence...

Chorus Singing from the People
ISBN: 9787802289987 | Published on 12/2008
A year ago, correspondents from the Deutsche Welle (DW) reported on an interesting scene in the parks of Beijing. According to the report, a new...

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