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Ancient Chinese Scientists: The Story of Li Shizhen
ISBN: 9787510454882, 7510454883 | Published on 01/2016 | Series: First Books for Early Learning Series

A Man and His Horse
ISBN: 9787510456411, 751045641X | Published on 10/2016

Miracles of Life - Challenging Cancer
ISBN: 9787802288430 | Published on 12/2008
Chinese people have never slackened their efforts in fighting cancer. Just as increasing cancer and mortality rates were finally controlled in the...

Mei Lanfang and Peking Opera: A Guide to China's Traditional Theater and the Art of Its Great Master
ISBN: 9787510450266 | Published on 08/2014 | Reviews:

Say It Easily 3 (1 Book + 1 CD)
ISBN: 7801874080 | Published on 09/2004 | Series: Say It Easily
学习汉语,开口就是成功。只要开口,你的一只脚就已经跨入了汉语的大门。你会惊喜地发现:入门很容易,深造也不是很难。  ...
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The Illustrated Book of Changes
ISBN: 7510408474, 9787510408472 | Published on 04/2010
This book has three sections: The Temporal and Spatial Backgrounds of the Book of Changes. Full Explanations of Zhou Yi's 64 Hexagrams. and...
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Stories of Chinese Poems and Books: Luo Binwang's Gift of Poetry
ISBN: 9787510454974 | Published on 01/2016 | Series: First Books for Early Learning Series

Stories of Chinese Wisdom: Tian Ji's Strategy at Horseracing
ISBN: 9787510455216 | Published on 01/2016 | Series: First Books for Early Learning Series

The Tale of Heroic Sons and Daughters (2 Vols)
ISBN: 7801871537, 9787801871534 | Published on 01/2003 | Series: Library of Chinese Classics | Reviews:

English Chinese Pinyin Dictionary
ISBN: 9787800053832 | Published on 02/1998 | Reviews:
The dictionary is specially compiled for English learners of Chinese as a foreign or second language. It contains more than 23,000 entries commonly...

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