My Chinese Level 4-6 (with CD)

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My Chinese is a set of textbooks specifically written for people who work for international organizations or similar institutions. It assumes no background in Chinese.The set consists of 3 textbooks and 9 workbooks accompanied by CDs.The textbooks contain a total vocabulary of approximately 2000 words.The texts are set against the work environment of employees at international organizations. The language of the texts is not only standard but also practical and interesting. The texts were developed surrounding 10 major communicative functions and 9 progressive levels. The vocabulary is graded with a high recurrence rate. All of these aspects make the textbooks suited for the needs of people in a variety of job situations at different levels. This set of textbooks incorporates rich experiences in teaching Chinese in both China and abroad and embodies the latest concepts in Chinese textbook writing.


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Sample pages of My Chinese Level 4-6 (with CD) (ISBN:9787107215452)
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My Chinese Level 4-6 (with CD)