Mugwort Leaf: Over 100 Practical Formulas

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Author: Jia Rongman; ;
Language: English
Publication Date: 05/2020
ISBN: 9787117297028
Publisher: People's Medical Publishing House
Table of Contents
Chapter 1
Learning about Mugwort Leaf
Section 1 Medicinal History
Section 2 Property,Flavor and Meridian Tropism
Section 3 Functions and Indications,Medicinal Combination and Application

Chapter 2 Modern Application
Section 1 Application in Gynecological Diseases
Section 2 Application in Respiratory System Diseases
Section 3 Application in Digestive System Diseases
Section 4 Application in Dermatological and Surgical Diseases
Section 5 Application in Other Diseases

Charpter 3 Over 1O0 PracticaI Formulas of Mugwort Leaf
Section 1 Formulas for Internal Diseases
1.Pure Mugwort Decoction
2.Pure Mugwort Decoction for Fumigation and Washing
3.Aged Mugwort and Perilla Decoction
4.Chinese Star Anise and Mugwort Sachet
5.Mugwort and Garden Burnet Mixture
6.Mugwort and Datura Flower FormuIa
7.Mugwort and Dandelion Pill
8.Two Whites|Sophora Flavescens and Mugwort Decoction
9.Mugwort and Burnet Decoction
10.Zanthoxylum and Mugwort Pill
Section 2 Formulas for Gynecological Diseases
Section 3 Formulas for wind-damp Diseases with Bone Pains
Section 4 Formulas for Fives Sense Orans,Skin and Anorectal Diseases
Section 5 Formulas for Pediatric Diseases
Formula Name List
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Mugwort Leaf: Over 100 Practical Formulas