Diet Therapy with Mugwort in 101 Recipes

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Author: Zhang Shuna; ;
Language: English
Publication Date: 05/2020
ISBN: 9787117297011
Publisher: People's Medical Publishing House
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Learning about Mugwort
Section 1 MedicinaI History
Section 2 Medical Basis for Diet Therapy with Mugwort
1.Effects and indications of mugwort
2.ChemlcaI components of mugwort
3.PharmacoIogicaI effects of mugwort
4.Development of diet therapy products with mugwort
Section 3 Safety of Mugwort Used for Food

Chapter2 Understanding Diet Therapy
Section 1 origin and DeVeIopment of Diet Therapy in TCM
Section 2 Theory on Treatment Methods and Basic PrincipIes in Diet Therapy
1.Theory on treatment method
2.Basic principles in diet therapy
Section 3 Selection and CombinatiOn of Food
1.Seledion of food
2.Combination of food
Section 4 Requirements fOr Diet Therapy in Different
Populations with Different ConstitutiOns
1.Diet for different populations
2.Diet therapy for people with different body const.tutions
Section 5 Incompatibility in Diet Therapy
1.Dietary restraint
2.Incompatibility between drugs and foods
3.Incompatibility in seasons
4.Incompatibility in diseases

Chapter3 Diet Therapy with Mugwort in 101 Recipes
Section 7 Fried and Stir—Fried Mugwort Foods
75.Fried egg with mugwort
76.Poached egg with mugwort and brown sugar
77.Sti卜fried egg with mugwort stem tips
78.Stir-fried rice with mugwort and scallions
79.Sauteed shredded eel with mugwort
80.Stir-fried dried bean curd with mugwort tips
Section 8 Mugwort Sugar Water
8 1.Brown sugar water with mugwort
82.Brown sugar water with mugwort and jujubes
83.Sweet water with mugwort
84.Sugar water with mugwort and egg
85.Brown sugar water with mugwort and ginger
Section 9 Mugwort Tea
86.Herbal tea with mugwort
87.Mugwort tea
88.Mugwort tea with notoginseng
89.Mugwort iuice
90.Mugwort tea with ass hide glue
91.Mugwort tea with rhaponticum root
92.Mugwort tea with cyperus root
93.Health tea with mugwort and rhinacanthus
94.Mugwort tea with cyperus root and iuiubes
Section 10 Mugwort Wine
95.Mugwort spirit
96.Mugwort wine with cattail pollen and dandelion
97.Mugwort wine with danshen root
98.Mugwort wine with cockscomb
99.Mugwort health wine for women
Section 11 Mugwort Vinegar
100.Mugwort vinegar with rose myrtle root and lesser melastome root
101.Muqwort vinegar
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