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Path Tracking of Mining Articulated Vehicles
ISBN: 9787502484514 | Published on 03/2020
There are 6 chapters in this book.Chapter 1 introduces automation articulated vehicles and path tracking control methods.Chapter 2 introduces main...

Control Network Technology
ISBN: 9787502479572 | Published on 03/2019

Event-Triggered Identification of Systems with Quantized Observations
ISBN: 9787502479930 | Published on 01/2019
There are 8 chapters in this book. Chapter 1 introduces the system identification problem with quantized and event-triggered observations. Chapter 2...

Design of Digital Control System for Electric Drive
ISBN: 9787502476434 | Published on 03/2018
As the computer controlling technology develop rapidly, the superiority and brilliant application prospects are mostly indicated. Current industrial...

Moderm Control Theory
ISBN: 9787502440183 | Published on 10/2006

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