Marco Polo in China (Chinese-Japanese)

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Marco Polo in China is about the famous Italian Marco Polo, who came a long way to China in the 13th century and spent 17 years travelling, doing surveys and managing local affairs in China. After he went back to Italy, he made an oral narrative of his travels, which was The Travels of Marco Polo, the first book that introduced the East to the Westerners. The travelogue whetted the Europeans' appetite for the East and exerted a huge influence on the opening of the new route. The adventures of Marco Polo are legendary and compelling.

About the Author
Wang Shuofeng, Ph.D. in the National Research Center of Overseas Sinology of BFSU and a teacher of Latin in BFSU, once studied in the Faculty of Classics in Salesian University, Rome. Prof. Wang has published more than ten papers on the Bible and Christianity and is undertaking several academic projects.
Marco Polo in China (Chinese-Japanese)