Lu Zhou Fu Shi Chinese Herbal Medicine Hot Moxibustion

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Table of Contents
目 录
第一章 符氏热灸术概述
Chapter 1 Basic Knowledge of Hot Moxibustion

第一节 符氏热灸术的沿革
Section 1 History & Development of Hot Moxibustion
第二节 特点
Section 2 Characteristics
第三节 灸条配方
Section 3 Formula of Moxibustion Stick
第四节 药物炮制
Section 4 Drug Processing
第五节 灸条制作技艺
Section 5 Skills for Making Moxibustion Stick

第二章 常用经络腧穴及操作
Chapter 2 Frequently Used Main & Collaterals Channels

第一节 经络
Section 1 Main & Collaterals Channels
第二节 穴位
Section 2 Acupoints
第三节 热灸术的基本操作
Section 3 Basic Operation of Hot Moxibustion
第四节 热灸术的特殊操作
Section 4 Special Operation of Hot Moxibustion
第五节 施灸同意书
Section 5 Consent Letter of Moxibustion Therapy

第三章 常见病的热灸治疗
Chapter 3 Hot Moxibustion Therapy for Common Diseases

第一节 瘫痪类疾病的热灸治疗
Section 1 Hot Moxibustion on Paralysis
第二节 多发病的热灸治疗
Section 2 Hot Moxibustion for Frequently Encountered Diseases

第四章 带状疱疹的热灸治疗
Chapter 4 Hot Moxibustion Therapy for Herpers Zoster

第一节 面、胸部带状疱疹
Section 1 Herpers Zoster on Face & Breast
第二节 背腰部带状疱疹
Section 2 Herpers Zoster on Waist & Back
第三节 下肢带状疱疹
Section 3 Herpers Zoster on the Lower Extremity

第五章 肿瘤包块的热灸治疗
Chapter 5 Hot Moxibustion Therapy for Blister
第一节 包块的热灸治疗
Section 1 Hot Moxibustion Therapy for Blister
第二节 肉瘤的热灸治疗
Section 2 Hot Moxibustion Therapy for Ulcer

第六章 热灸的机理探讨及展望
Chapter 6 Probe & Prospect of Mechanism of Hot Moxibustion Therapy
第一节 热灸术的机理探讨
Section 1 Probe of the Mechanism of the Hot Moxibustion
第二节 热灸技艺及展望
Section 2 Prospect of Hot Moxibustion
Sample Pages Preview
Mr.Fu Tiansheng was brought up in a family of TCM,and he was imperceptibly influenced by what he saw and heard.In the late 1960s,Fu became a drop-off from the middle school in Zhangwan Town due to the close down of the school.Right after that,he carried on the family’s business,and learned medical skills with great concentration.Through decades of clinical practice,he has become the inherited person of the Skills.
The Skills takes the theory of TCM,follows the principle of “using moxibustion with investigation”.EIGHT EXTRA CHANNELS;the main skills for the hot moxibustion includes jiao,dian,zhan,ya,dun,rou and shi.The whole process is without any stop.As a complete technical system,it has remarkable curing effect without side-effect.
The moxibustion stick for the hot moxibustion consists of 81 kinds of TCM herbs with a unique therapy of moxibustion skills.The basic method of the hot moxibustion is use moxibustion on certain points after moxibustion EIGHT EXTRA CHANNELS;the main skills for the hot moxibustion includes jiao,dian,zhan,ya,dun,rou and shi.The whole process is without any stop.With regard to the fire,strength,depth of the acupoints,time length,it is in accordance with the different ages,genders,syndromes of the patients,which are all relied on the THUMB.The skill of the hot moxibustion is to use the fingers to bring the heat of the moxibustion stick,pressing and rubbing the acupoints with the strength of the herb,using the finger as needle;“Needle (actually the thumb)” with moxibustion goes together with the points.It is different from the moxibustion stick,cupping,as well as burning fire moxibustion.This moxibustion skills is unique with traditional local characteristics including the comprehensiveness of the moxibustion stick,large dose without season limitation,flexibility of the selection of the acupoints as well as multiple operational methods for the hot moxibustion.
The Skills is a good practice to cure diseases like herpers zoster,hemiplegia,facial paralysis,rheumatism,nasosinusitis,lymphadenitis,mastitis,some gynecological diseases,swelling and other diseases by adopting skill for TCM hot moxibustion,so far it has cured bunches of patients.
Mr.Li Guanrong,a professor of West China Clinical Medical College of Sichuan University and a famous TCM doctor in Sichuan as well as in China,upon careful investigation,believes that the Skills belongs to one of the indirect moxibustion skills in ancient times.The selection of the acupoints is reasonable and flexible with remarkable clinical effect and without side-effect.It is the most completed,systematic experience summary for the traditional TCM herbs,one of the intangible cultural heritages of Luzhou,and an excellent cultural heritage of TCM herbal moxibustion in Sichuan,whose application is worth of expanding.
Chinese media agencies and websites have paid close attention to the Skills.In order to implement the content in the document (State Issue (2005)42#) issued by the State Council based on the spirit of “rational protection,application and development”,Sichuan Provincial People’s Government has approved it as one of the intangible cultural heritages of Sichuan (Sichuan (2009)148#) .
This unique technic has been passed on from one generation to another in the following order:Fu Weizu—Fu Wendian—Fu Zemin—Fu Tingze—Fu Tiansheng—Fu Jiacai .
In line with the spirit of the documents above and in order to carry on the Skills——one of the intangible cultural heritages of Sichuan,we have systemized the technique in this book with illustrations in the hope of promoting its application.
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Lu Zhou Fu Shi Chinese Herbal Medicine Hot Moxibustion