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Picture Chinese Art as Language
ISBN: 9781592650699 | Published on 10/2006 | Reviews:
Picture Chinese is a fascinating and highly original book, featuring over 300 full color illustrations - each one depicting the origins of a...
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She Knocked at the Door
ISBN: 9781592650569 | Published on 05/2005
She Knocked at the Door is the story of a Chinese girl, told in her own words, of her life from childhood to adulthood. She tells of the pain and...

The Art of Chinese Ceramics
ISBN: 9781592650477 | Published on 01/2006 | Reviews:
The Art of Chinese Ceramics features 150 representative pieces from Beijing Palace Museums vast collection of 230,000 pieces of invaluable Chinese...

The Library of the 21st Century
ISBN: 9781592650484 | Published on 05/2005
The library is an indispensable part of the chain of values in knowledge production, communication, sharing and services. This book is divided into...

The New Look of Chinese Homes
ISBN: 9781592650613 | Published on 01/2005 | Reviews:
In recent years, with many Chinese families moving into new house, home decoration has become a sunrise industry. This book, through hundreds of...

The Straw House
ISBN: 9781592650545 | Published on 05/2005 | Reviews:
Set in China's Jiangnan area in the early 1960s, The Straw House centers around ordinary village life and follows a young boy named Sang Sang....
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