She Knocked at the Door

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She Knocked at the Door is the story of a Chinese girl, told in her own words, of her life from childhood to adulthood. She tells of the pain and passion, the funny and furious, the beautiful and the tragic, in her growing-up experience. Her story is set in the period of China's great difficulties-and tells how she endured the terrible blows that split her family. We see the innocence of a small girl facing not only the usual, everyday adversities, but also surprising and tragic events that no child should experience. She tells of the simple beauty of her gentle teacher and long-time mentor, and of her mother's organ music that assuaged the pain experienced by pupils and farmers who stopped to listen. She tells of the awakening of her knowledge of her origin-and how she dealt with it, and how she proceeded with grace and fortitude to go on with her life.
She Knocked at the Door