Learn Chinese with Me - Chinese Coloring Book (Friends and Games)

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<b>Level: </b>Elementary<br/> <br/> For Preschool, Primary School<br/> <br/> This coloring book is a complementary of the textbook. Each child's learning ability is not the same, so their time spent on the same task varies. When some of the children complete the task in advance, what should they do? This is what the coloring book designed for. Coloring is one of children's favorite activities.The teaching practice shows that students who complete the task in advance view the coloring as a kind of reward. This can also encourage them to complete the learning task as soon as possible, so they can enjoy the coloring as much as they can.The coloring book set has 10 books in total, each of them with a different theme concerning with friends and games, animals and plants.Besides coloring,each page has a short easy Chinese practice designed to help students review previously learned knowledge. When the students finish a book, they will have a great sense of accomplishment.<br/> <br/> <b>About the Author</b><br/> Yin Shen, a teacher at Woodstock Elementary, teaches kindergartener or elementary students learning Chinese. She is also the immersion program founder in this area.Jean Ye is a professional painter with a cute drawing style.<br/>  
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Learn Chinese with Me - Chinese Coloring Book (Friends and Games)