Joyas de Literatura Contemporanea China: Corre, Vaquita Mama

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The book tells an adventure of the Mama Cow after she was stolen and carried to the abattoir. Missing the 2 little brothers and her son in the family, Mama Cow experienced an unbreathable escape. The adventure, which is not inferior in any respect to a Hollywood movie, comprises both tears and exhilaration. Those two little brotherswere confronted with a vital choice at the same time: both of them were diagnosed with fatal disease. They had to draw straws to determine who could survive because they lacked the funds to treat them both. One of them cheated during the draw so as to leave the opportunity to his brother The story of Mama Cow and the brothers spread in the city. Shocked and moved by the power of love, even those villains who stole Mama Cow made donations to them. At the last, a statue of love was set up in the citys plaza: Mama Cow snuggling up against her son and little brothers happily.

Joyas de Literatura Contemporanea China: Corre, Vaquita Mama