Introductory Chinese: Chinese Character Workbook

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Author: Du Houwen;
Publication Date: 05/2012
ISBN: 9787513800969
Publisher: Sinolingua Press
Series: Introductory Chinese
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Sample pages of Introductory Chinese: Chinese Character Workbook (ISBN:9787513800969)
Sample pages of Introductory Chinese: Chinese Character Workbook (ISBN:9787513800969)
Radicals of Chinese Characters(1) 
Some of the characters that we have come across share the same components.For instance,语,谁,请,and谢have the common component 讠;你,他,他,信,作and什have the common component 亻;and吗,哪,叫,and呢have the common component口.A component that a number of characters share is known as a radical.To remember Chinese characters and to be able to look them up in a dictionary,one should have a good mastery of radicals. 
汉字是表意文字。汉字的偏旁有的表达一定的意义。如"讠"是"言(yán,language;to speak)"的简化,所以带"讠"的字往往与说话有关;"亻"是"人"演变来的,带有"亻"的字往往与人有关;带有"口’,的字往往与嘴有关。 
As the Chinese written forms originated from ideograms,their radicals mostly hold meanings.For example,characters containing the radical 讠,the simplified form of言,signifies"speech";the radical 亻,originated from the character人,is often used to form a character referring to people;characters with the radical口indicate something that has to do with a human mouth.
Introductory Chinese: Chinese Character Workbook