Introducing Chinese Practice Sheet Generator


We are glad to announce the release of Chinese Practice Sheet Generator, which is a handy tool for making printable PDF format copybooks for Chinese handwriting practice.


  • Supports both simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese.
  • Three font styles, including Song Ti [宋体], Kai Ti [楷体] and Handwriting style [手写体]
  • Four background guideline styles: Tianzi Ge (十), Mizi Ge (米), Huizi Ge (回) and Jinzi Ge (井). You can also choose no background
  • Add stroke orders, Pinyin/Zhuyin and English for characters
  • Show stroke orders in the writing boxes
  • Generate writing sheets for Chinese words with customized Pinyin and English definition (by using the Vocabulary List Generator tool)
  • For the leading character, you can choose with tone colors, colored storkes, highlight radical. You can also generate handwriting sheets without character hints (shows only Pinyin and English definition)

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