Introducing Chinese Maze Generator

THURSDAY 11 MARCH, 2021 | RSS Feed
We're delighted to announce a new addition to our Chinese tools: Chinese Maze Generator, which creates a printable PDF maze using a Chinese or Pinyin sentence.
  • Input Words: Input your desired Chinese/Pinyin sentence.
    You can also use the "Convert to Pinyin" function below the textbox to convert Chinese into Pinyin syllables.
    To use more than one character in the maze cell, use | as a separator (see case 2 for an example).
    Note: For optimal appearance, the length should be between 6 and 60 characters.
    Spaces and punctuations will be automatically ignored.
  • Fillers: These letters fill in any gaps. This textbox is optional; if left blank, we'll use randomly generated characters.
    Use this field to adjust the maze's difficulty. For example, inputting the same characters as the "Input Words" field will make the maze more challenging.
  • Instructions: Instructions shown on the generated worksheet.
  • Maze Type: Select whether you're generating a Chinese character or Pinyin maze
Best Practice
1. Maze for character tones.
Input Words: 今天开心安冰清汤高一窝
Instructions: Find your way through the maze by connecting Chinese characters with the first tone.

2. Maze for valid Pinyin syllables
Input words: bei|ni|shang|zhong|shi|wo|mei|dui|cuo|dong|ti|zen
Fillers: pun|tung|zhiu|wong|zhung|tiun|aing|quai|oun|xioug
Instruction: Find your way through the maze by connecting valid Pinyin syllables

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