Introducing Chinese Flashcards

  • Tailor the fields and orders displayed on your flashcards to meet your individual learning needs.
  • Import existing vocabulary lists to create your own flashcard sets quickly and easily.
  • Every Chinese word features an accurate audio pronunciation.
  • Share your created flashcard sets with others with ease.
  • Print your flashcard set in PDF format for offline use or later reference.
  • Enhance your learning experience and focus by using the fullscreen mode.
  • Improve your retention of vocabulary words with the option for auto-playing flashcards.
  • Customize the display of phonetic guides as Pinyin or Zhuyin. Choose Pinyin Mark only (shown as ˉ ˊ ˇ ˋ) for more specific displays.
  • Colored Chinese characters make it easy to identify tones and improve your language skills.
Creating Flashcards
You have two ways to create a flashcard set:
  • Create from a Chinese word list: simply copy and paste words into the text box on the left side, one word per line.
  • Create from an existing vocabulary list: click on the "Local Word List" button and paste the URL of the list you want to use.

Once you have entered your words, you can customize your flashcards by selecting the fields you want to show on the right side of the screen. Fields include Chinese, Phonetics, English Definition, Chinese Definition, Sample Sentence, and Sample Sentence (with Pinyin).

To change the display order of your fields, simply drag and drop using the dots located before the field name.

Managing Flashcards
Edit Flashcards
If you have a valid Pro account subscription, editing functions are available for your own flashcard sets. To edit a set title, simply click on the title and type in the new name. You can also add new cards, or edit/remove existing ones from the set.

Manage Flashcard Sets

All your created flashcard sets will be automatically saved as long as you are logged in to your account. To view and manage your saved flashcard sets, navigate to My Conversion -> Flashcards tab at
From here, you can organize and modify your sets as needed.

Studying Flashcards
  • 54 / 7: Showing current viewing card number / Total number of cards
  • Add: Add a new card to the set
  • Edit: Edit currently viewing card
  • Delete: Remove the currently viewing card
  • Auto Play: Maximize your study efficiency by setting the display time of each side and slide with our auto play feature.
  • Font Size: Customize the font size to suit your preferences for optimal visibility.
  • Shuffle: Randomize your flashcard sets with the shuffle function for a refreshed study experience.
  • Speak: Hear the pronunciation of currently displayed Chinese words with our speak function.
  • Save: Add the currently viewing word to MyWords.
  • PDF: Create a PDF version of your flashcard set for offline use and easy reference.
  • Fullscreen: Toggle between windowed and fullscreen modes to enhance your learning experience.
Printing, Creating Handouts and Physical Flashcards
To access the print function, simply click on the PDF icon. You will then be prompted to choose your print settings to customize your flashcard set.
  • Layout: Select the number of cards you want to print per page to suit your individual learning style and print preferences.
  • Page Orientation: Choose between portrait or landscape orientation for your paper. This option is only available when the layout is set to One card per Page or Two cards per page.
  • Misc.:
    - Duplex (for 2-sided printing): Check this option to enable mirroring of the backside of the cards. This is especially useful if you want to print the font side and backside on the two sides of the same paper.
    - Print Both Sides on Same Page: Check this option to print both the front side and back side of the cards in one row.

    - Show Writing Grid for Chinese: This option is only available when the layout is set to One card per Page or Two cards per page. When checked, Chinese words will be displayed with a grid background to aid in writing practice. 

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