Into the Amazing Puzzles a Chinese Journalist's Travels in Europe

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  • Author: Jin Weiyi;
  • Language: English
  • Format: 21 x 14.4 x 1.4 cm
  • Page: 201
  • Publication Date: 05/2016
  • ISBN: 7119097954, 9787119097954
  • Publisher: Foreign Languages Press
Table of Contents
Nessun Derma
Starry,Starry Night
Where Time Stops
By All Means
Closer Than Heaven
City of the Lake
Everything About Princess Sissi
In the Veins of Music
Postcard from Heaven
Too Small to Notice
When Churches Meet Mosques
Left, Europe; Right, Asia
Good Old Days of the Romans
A Recluse in the Mountains
221B Baker Street
From Versailles to the Guillotine
Spring, Flowers and A Dream of Heaven
Small City, Big Wonder
A Wallless City
Editor's Afterword
Sample Pages Preview
In Venice, you've got to take a ride in one of these gondolas.Getting yourself involved in bargaining will make you feel satisfied because you will have the real experience of fighting against Venetian merchants.In the sunset, boats rippling the water slid quietly into the narrow river course.The sunshine on the water was refracted on the outside of the walls of old—fashioned residences on both sides of the river.Moss, along with the flow of the river, has eroded the banks for hundreds of years, leaving mottled traces.Almost each building is exquisitely nice—looking, as the Russian painter Repin once said that even the chimney of the most inferior residence in Venice seemed to be crafted by an amazing architect.We know that each oldie may have its own story, but we, as tourists, have no luxury of learning it anyway.
Many residences were locked with emptiness inside.However, it has nothing to do with the hustling noise over the Grand Canal.They left their homes to avoid the troubles created by water such as flooding.In fact, our handsome boatman lives in the town of Mestre, and it takes him five minutes by train to come to work.
The boat moved gently as the boatman tried to tell us which renowned family owns the residence building that we were passing by.I closed my eyes immersing myself in the smooth ride and the in situ commentary from the boatman.But as he pointed at one residence and said: "You, Chinese, should know this guy!" I could not help opening my eyes and gave a reflex response: Marco Polo!
Into the Amazing Puzzles a Chinese Journalist's Travels in Europe