Voyages in Chinese: For Middle School Students Workbook Vol. 2

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Voyages in Chinese is designed for middle school students in English speaking countries. The series consists of nine books covering three levels. Each level includes a student's book, a workbook, a teacher's book, Chinese character flash cards, wall charts, and multimedia support through CD-ROMs and PowerPoint courseware. Each level corresponds to one academic year (90-100 class hours) and the whole series can be used consecutively over three grades. The framework of Voyages in Chinese has been based on everyday topics that students are familiar with, and integrates basic language as its core, while utilizing the cultural content as its key element. Language is the basis of all communication. In accordance with several overseas curriculum standards, the series has taken 455 basic Chinese characters, 700 core new words and 279 commonly used sentence patterns as its basic language points. Volume 1: 145 Chinese characters, 237 new words, 91 sentence patterns. Volume 2: 150 Chinese characters, 233 new words, 93 sentence patterns. Volume 3: 160 Chinese characters, 230 new words, 95 sentence patterns
Table of Contents
第一课 你知道他的电话吗?
第二课 我们常常在网上聊天儿
第三课 你多大?
第四课 这是京京的家
第五课 我的房间不大
第六课 我的家在市中心
第七课 你们想买什么?
第八课 一共多少钱?
第九课 我感冒了
第十课 我明天有汉语课
第十一课 汉语难不难?
第十二课 来打乒乓球吧!
第十三课 今天下午有足球比赛
第十四课 我们去剧院看京剧吧!
第十五课 我家的附近很漂亮
第十六课 北京有很多好玩的地方
第十七课 中国的节日很有趣
第十八课 我们在家庆祝圣诞节
第十九课 春节晚会快要开始了!
第二十课 新手机真漂亮!
第二十一课 一边听音乐,一边看报纸
第二十二课 这是我的个人简历
第二十三课 你有兼职工作吗?
第二十四课 你们的理想职业是什么?
Sample Pages Preview
1. Read the sentences and then match them with their English equivalents
( )A. Sorry, he can't go, He's sick.
( )B.The pound is different from the RMB.
( )C.I don't want to go to the hospital.
( )D. You've caught a cold, too? Do you have a cough?
( )E. He's got a headache. He can't go to school.
( )F.Can I ask for leave?
7. Read the following paragraph and then translate it into English
8. Speak in Chinese
Say something about one of your experiences of being sick. You can start with the following questions.
1) When was it?
2) How did you feel?
3) Did you go to the hospital?
4) What did the doctor say?
5) Were you able to go to school that day?
6) If not, did you ask for leave? How did you do it?
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Voyages in Chinese: For Middle School Students Workbook Vol. 2