Interpretation on New Philosophy of Chinese Diplomacy

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Table of Contents
President Xi Jinping's Nine New Concepts of Diplomacy 
China's Diplomacy in the Era of Xi Jinping: Inheritance and Innovation 
The Realization of the Chinese Dream—A New Contribution to HumanSocie 
New Diplomatic Idea and China's New Neighboring Diplomacy Situation 
New Diplomatic Concept: Structure Analysis on the New Model of Major CountryRelationship 
New Diplomatic Concept: the Reinvigorating China Transferring PositiveEnergy to the World
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Since the turn of this century, trade volume within Asia increased from US$800 billion to US$3 trillion and the trade dependence rate exceeded 50%.As per the Asian Development Bank report, Asia has become the most vigorous region in building free trade zones with the number of free trade agreements surging to over 2,5o in early 2013 from 70 in 2002.New progress has been made continuously in the negociation of building comprehensive economic partnership relations between China and ROK, among China, Japan and ROK and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP).the cooperative mechanism in East Asia led by ASEAN has injected strong impetus to regional development.To build the Asian community of common destiny, deepen converging interests and achieve common development is a shared aspiration ofcountries in the region. 
3.Building the Asian community of common destiny re{lects the common interests of countries in the region.As the mainstream of the current trend in Asia, peace and development is in the common interests of all countries and the aspiration of people in the region.Most Asian countries are developing countries, so development still holds the key to solving major conflicts and problems and developing economy and improving people's lives are their to priorities.Asia is recognized as the most dynamic and potential region for development in the world, but its external environment remains grim, as the underlying impact of the international financial crisis is still lingering and the global economic recovery is faltering.
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Interpretation on New Philosophy of Chinese Diplomacy