International Statistical Yearbook 2012

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First, the "International Statistical Yearbook 2012" is a comprehensive international economic and social statistics annual. The yearbook contains more than 200 countries and 地区 world statistical data, on which more than 40 major national and regional economic and social development and world renowned companies in more detail the basic conditions were introduced.
  Second, the "International Statistical Yearbook 2012" is divided into 18 sections: 1. China's position in the world; 2. Geography, natural resources and environment; 3. National Accounts; 4. Population; 5. Employment and Earnings; 6 . investment environment; 7. energy; 8. fiscal and financial; 9. price index; 10. resident income and poverty; 11. agriculture; 12. industry and construction; 13. Transport and communications; 14. external trade; 15 . the international balance of payments and external debt; 16. tourism; 17. education, technology, culture, health and social security; 18. the world's largest 500 companies key indicators.
  Third, most of the data of foreign United Nations and other international organizations through the adjustment of the basic comparable caliber.
  Fourth, in many countries the number or date information is a preliminary estimate.
  Fifth, the Chinese data than the land area, but do not include China Taiwan Province, Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Region.
  Sixth, information is mainly taken from the relevant international organizations, databases, CD-ROM, annual reports, monthly. Data sources are provided in each table.
  Seven, some information relative to the total number or numbers, due to the impact of rounding, not necessarily equal to the total breakdown of the number.
  Eight, while the Yearbook of the multi-year, the number of countries have changed names and boundaries, unless otherwise noted, all the countries listed in the Yearbook is the name of its national territory Fan
International Statistical Yearbook 2012