Interactional Linguistics and Chinese Language Studies (Volume 3)

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Usage Advice: Forresearchers, university teachers and postgraduate students in the fields oftheoretical linguistics, Chinese linguistics and TCSOL, as well as readers whoare interested in interactional linguistics

Interactional Linguistics and Chinese Language Studies (Volume 3) is a collection of 19 papers presented at the3rd International Conference onInteractionalLinguistics and Chinese Language Studies, divided into four parts – topic researches, subject developments, latest works, and appendix. It introduces the cutting-edge international developments in interactional linguistic studies and showcases the latest findings in interactional linguistics and Chinese studies.

About the Author
Fang Mei is a researcher at the Institute of Linguistics of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), an associate editor-in-chief of Studies of the Chinese Language, a doctoral advisor at the CASS Graduate School, an expert with a State Council special grant, the Secretary-General of Chinese Linguistics Society, and an editorial board member of the Journal of Chinese Language and Discourse (John Benjamins Publishing Company) and the Journal of Chinese Grammar (Hoyu Book Store, Japan).
Li Xianyin is an associate professor and master's supervisor in the Faculty of Linguistic Sciences at BLCU and Director of the editorial office of Language Teaching and Linguistic Studies. His research focused on Chinese grammar and CFL grammar teaching, Li has published more than 20 articles in Chinese and foreign journals, hosted and participated in multiple research projects, and authored several academic books.

Interactionallinguistics focuses on the social aspect and communicative functions oflanguage as well as how the communication environment affects the selection oflinguistic expressions and emphasizes the research on natural spoken language.The papers included in this book are an epitome of the latest developments inChinese interactional linguistics. The authors investigate and discuss thephenomena in interactional linguistics and Chinese language from differentperspectives, which may not only broaden the horizons of Chinese studies, butalso promote Chinese language education internationally.
Interactional Linguistics and Chinese Language Studies (Volume 3)