Humorous Mini-Stories in English and Chinese

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Table of Contents

The Definition of Intelligence智慧的定义
Prepare Three Envelopes锦囊妙计
The Garden儿子的妙计
A Lawyer,aBlonde and aBet on aPlane律师与金发女郎
Lawyers and Engineers律师与工程师
The Blonde Undertaker省钱的绝招
A Box ofCigars一盒雪茄
The Successful Smuggler手段高明的走私贩
The Servant's Ruse仆人的诡计
A Hundred Faces一百次面
Top Answers绝妙的回答
A Silver Ladle一把银勺子
A Final Exam你知道我是谁吗
Dem'smart City Folk精明的城里人
A Stupid Question愚蠢的问题
Tommy's Choice小汤姆的选择
Don't Leave Your Cell Phone Around完美的丈夫
A Magic Blind Man闻香识女人
A Month Overdue一个月没来
A Blonde Detective金发女侦探
The Smart Blonde精明的金发女郎
The Beautiful Blonde美丽的金发女郎
Caught Speeding超速行车之后
The Clever Woman聪明的女人
A Pretty Maid漂亮的女佣
Why I Fired My Secretary秘书小姐
A Blonde 10b Interview金发女郎的求职面试
Who's George?乔治是谁?
Gates to Heaven天堂之门
Frozen to Death冻死
Gate to the Hell地狱之门
Puzzling Holes天堂与地狱
Heaven's Reward天堂里的奖赏
Letters to God给上帝的信
The Pope大人物
Rabbi's New Car拉比的新车
Little Leroy and a Birthday Prayer给上帝的五封信
Divine lustice神圣的公正
You're Not a Monk因为你不是修道士
How Men Get into Trouble无奈的谎言
war Hero英雄有悔
Golden Saloon金色沙龙
Three Beers三杯啤酒
Scotch Expert品酒大师
How Many Bars Do You Work at?怎么又是你?
First Big Clue第一线索
Two Drunk Guys酒吧里的两个醉鬼
A Really Bad Day倒霉鬼
Memory Problems苦涩的回忆
Embarrassing Compulsion令人尴尬的强迫症
Wh0's the Most Stupid究竟谁最蠢
The Wife from Hell诚实的妻子
I'm Fine“我没事?”
I'm Prepared to Wait我可以等待
Never Go to HR People千万别找人事部
A Vacation in Rome罗马假日
In the Courtroom真相大白
Bulgy Protrudy Is what They Call Me疑难杂症
A Sri Lankan Minister Visits US小巫见大巫
Chemical Fire勇敢者的背后
New York Times《纽约时报》报道
I Came to Hook up Y0ur Phone大忙人的一通电话
Zoo Mime哑剧演员与狮子
Psychology Test心理测试
Where's My Rolex爱财如命的伦敦人
The Kind Lawyer心地善良的大律师
The Smartest Man in the world世界上最聪明的人
Cover Up实话实说
That's Exactly What I Did我就是这么做的!
Successto aHappyMarriedLife幸福美满婚姻的秘诀
Bad Timing说的不是时候
Ten Dollars Is Ten Dollars十块钱毕竟不是个小数目
Snowbound for Two Weeks阴差阳错
The FaHTIer and the Old Mule阿西姆和他的骡子
Son's Bad Dream儿子的噩梦
Try It Again那就再试一次
Do Whatever You Want想干什么就干什么
At His Side老是陪伴在身边
Super Bowl超级杯赛场
Proxy Fathers代理父亲
A Mom's Gifts献给母亲的礼物
Bad Habits坏习惯
Sweet Charity温情脉脉的慈善家
Baked Beans惊喜?!
Halloween Party化装舞会
I,ve Made up My Mind我已经决定了
Naked Diet最佳减肥方案
IfYou Knew Suzie,Like I Knew Suzie了不起的山姆
Present Imperfect礼物
A Lesson Learnt经验
A Very Insulting Parrot嘴硬的鹦鹉
Worse Mistakes误会
Richie Rich勇敢者的奖赏
Phone Keeps Ringing电话响个不停
The Imaginary Invalid想像中的病人
April Fooled愚人节
Fishing Reward垂钓的好处

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About a week later the housekeeper came to theelderly priest and said, "Father Flannigan, ever sinceFather O'Connell came to dinner, I've been unable to findthe beautiful silver gravy ladle. You don't suppose he tookit do you?" The priest said, "Well, I doubt it, but I'll write hima letter just tO make Sure." So he sat down and wrote:Dear Father O'Connell, I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation at dinner the othernight and hope we have the opportunity to do so again. On another matter. We had a beautiful silver ladle whichwas a gift from a parishioner that comes to visit from time totime. The ladle has come up missing and I would be veryembarrassed to invite her over and notice the missing ladle. It is very important that it be found.. Now, I'm not saying that you "did" take a gravy ladlefrom my house, and I'm not saying you "did not" take a gravy ladle. But the fact remains that it has been missing ever sinceyou were here. Several days later the elderly priest received a letter from the young priest which read: Dear Father Flannigan, I also enjoyed our dinner and conversation and hope not only that we do so again, but also that I be permitted to return the favor. On the other matter. Now, I'm not saying that you "do" sleep with your housekeeper, and rm not saying that you "do not" sleep with your housekeeper. But the fact remains that if you were sleeping in your own bed, you would have found the gravy ladle by now.

Humorous Mini-Stories in English and Chinese