HSK Test Preparation Kit 2019 – Recommended Books for HSK Exams


1. Textbook – HSK Standard Course

HSK Standard CourseEndorsed by Hanban, HSK Standard Course is the first officially authoritative HSK textbook, which is completely in line with HSK test syllabus and 100% consistent with the HSK test.
The textbook use HSK test papers as primary source, and cleverly import the HSK vocabulary building structure into the contents.
Moreover, the contents are of contemporary Chinese society, daily life, business contexts. Unlike the well-known old NPCR(New Practical Chinese Reader) textbook set, which is firstly published more than 10 years ago, contents in HSK Standard Course are modern and relevant.
Well-designed workbooks are provided for each level, which are also fit with HSK test structure. A model test is also provided at the end of the workbook.
The book is illustrated with photos match the style of the test and is printed in full color, and both textbook and workbook comes with CD
The whole series is divided into six levels matching the HSK test, with one volume for each of Levels 1-3 and two volumes for each of Levels 4-6, totaling nine volumes. With a textbook, a workbook and a teacher’s book in each volume, there are altogether 27 books.

2. Dictionary - A Dictionary of 5000 Graded Words for New HSK

A Dictionary of 5000 Graded Words for New HSKThis dictionary set targets at students who are going to take the new HSK test. The whole set includes three volumes, respectively for Levels 1-3, Levels 4-5 and Level 6.

In the dictionary, each entry is marked with pinyin and its complex character form if there is any. Different senses are listed under each entry, each marked with the word type, explained in simple and concise Chinese, and supported by 3-8 typical example sentences. An alphabetical index is provided before the main body of the dictionary.

CD is provided for the first vol (Levels 1~3), which provides Chinese recordings for the entries and sample sentences which aims to improve your listening and speaking skills

3. Model tests - Simulated Tests of the New HSK 

Simulated Tests of the New HSKThis book set includes 6 vols, each vol inlcudes 10 sets of the simulated test fully cover the vocabulary and grammar points prescribed by the outline of the new HSK.

The complexity of the question has been carefully controlled to make the questions more like the real ones

The listening scripts are read by the professional announcers who made the recording for the model tests and the real new HSK tests

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