How China Communicates Public Diplomacy in a Global Age

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Zhao Qizheng, upon graduation as an experimentalnuctear physics student from the University of Scienceand Technology of China in 1963, worked as anengineer in scientific research and design for morethan 20 years.From 1984 to 1998, he held the posts of Vice Mayor of Shanghai and Governor of Pudong NewArea. 
From 1998 to 2005, Mr. Zhao served asMinister of the State Council Information Officeof China. He became a member of the ChinesePeople's Potitical Consuttative Conference in 2005and has been Chairman of its Foreign AffairsCommittee since 2008. Currently he is also Deanof the School of Journalism and Communicationof Renmin University. 
Mr. Zhao has been involved in communicatingwith foreign countries for many years. He wasthe first in China to put forward the concept of"Presenting China to the Wortd" and the earliestadvocate and one of the most active practitionersof China's pubtic diplomacy.
Table of Contents
Part Ⅰ Concepts 
Chapter 1 China in an Age of Public Diplomacy 
Chapter 2 International Public Opinion:Important for National Development 
Chapter 3 News Spokesperson System 
Chapter 4 "Shaping a Country" and"Communicating Its Image" 
Chapter 5 How Local Regions Contribute to a Country's Overalllmage 
Chapter 6 Culture-based Communication with the World Beyond 
Chapter 7 PowerofDiscoursein Cross-cultural Communication
Chapter 8 Translation: a Bridge across Cultures 
Chapter 9 Opportunities and Challenges of the Internet 
Chapter 10 Chinese Cultural Vitality Enhanced by Communication 
Chapter 11 China's Image and the "China Model" 
Part Ⅱ Practices 
One Public Diplomacy Is the Duty of All 
A Dialogue on Public Diplomacy with Ambassador Wu Jianmin
Two The"China Trail"on a Peaceful Development Track 
A Dialogue with the Futurists John Naisbitt and Doris Naisbitt 
Three Harmony Zranscends Religious Beliefs 
Dialogues with Dr.Luis Palau,an American Religious Leader
Four At Times of Crisis New Wisdoms Emerge 
A Dialogue with Andrew Steven at 2009 Summer Davos Forum,Dalian 
Five A Responsible Stakeholder 
Comment on Robert B.Zoellick's Speech 
Six Cherishing History and Facing Reality 
Speeches at the Unveiling of the James R.Fox Memorial and at the High-level Unofficial Dialogue 
Seven Public Diplomacy to 
Promote Sino-Japanese Relations Speeches at the Beijing-Tokyo Forum 
Eight Do Not Turn Back the Clock of History 
On Yoshibumi Wakamiya's Reconciliation and Nationalism 
Nine A Smart Horse Does Return to Graze Old Pasture 
At the CPPCC National Committee Annual News Conferences 
Ten Training International Communicators 
Speeches at Schools of Journalism 
Eleven Reading and the Humanistic Spirit 
Dialogue at the World Expo Forum"Reading Cities,Reading Culture" 
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Chapter 1 
China in an Age of Public Diplomacy In the 60-plus years since the birth of New China in 1949.the last threede cades in particular,China's national strength has grown constantly and its role on the world stage has become ever more important.In this process,brilliant achievements in diplomacy have been achieved,of which the whole nation feels proud.Yet China still rices new tasks and challenges. Now for the sake of its development and influence in the world,it is a necessary step for China to-strengthen public diplomacy,in both domestic and foreign contexts. 
The entities participating in public diplomacy express,from variousangles,China's national conditions,explain its policies and showcase itsculture. The essence of these activities is to achieve understanding Of and support for China from the international community through the communication and exchange of information. 
Ⅰ.From Non-governmental Diplomacy to Public Diplomacy Public diplomacy encompasses"non-governmental diplomacy,"a term with which we are more familiar.But it has connotations richer than non-governmental diplomacy The shift from non-governmental diplomacy to public diplomacy has been made necessary by the context of the current age and changes in the international environment.It is also the result of the gradual maturing of a country's ability in cross-cultural communication.
How China Communicates Public Diplomacy in a Global Age