Heroes of China's New Era:Above the "Ladders to Heaven" The Story of a Rural Teacher Couple

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About Author
Chen Guo is a contracted writer with Ba Jin Literature Academy and a member of the Federation of Literary and Art Circles of Ya'an city, Sichuan Province. He has written for the Chinese Writers, People's Daily and Guangming Daily, with works including Wings Grown from Wounds and A Story of Reconstruction after the Lushan Earthquake.
Table of Contents
Foreword May the "Light of the Ladders to Heaven" Shine into Our Hearts

Chapter One "Ladders to Heaven" in the Isolated Erping Village
A teacher's responsibility is heavier than a mountain
A frightening adventure
"A cold-hearted bastard"

Chapter Two A New School Born with a Funding of 10,800 Yuan
The only teacher in a "bilingual school"
Darling, marry me again
Sweet smell of knowledge triumphs over the stink of cow dung
Erping Primary School took on a new look

Chapter Three A Couple with an Intangible Asset Worth 1.49 Million Yuan
Golden rules for enrolling more students
Sticking strictly to principles for the sake of Erping kids
Choosing to remain poor teachers rather than getting rich

Chapter Four 400Villagers: AII Are My Brothers and Sisters
Farewell, bitter days of fetching water before dawn
Something brighter than the electric light

Chapter Five A Valley Keeping the Couple Away from Their Family Members
My home is in Erping
Mom and Dad, am I your son or not?

Chapter Six Teaching on the High Cliff
"Ladders to Heaven" to be remembered forever
Touching and being touched
Always bearing in mind gratitude at the peak of honor
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For thousands of years, perched on cut-off, precipitous cliffs in Sichuan's Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, the isolated Erping Village inhabited by Yi ethnic minorities in Wushidaqiao Township of Ganluo County has observed the civilization evolving at its feet, while silently guarding the lonely mountain. Filled with a strong sense of ethnic identity and driven by a passion for education, Li Guilin and Lu Jianfen, a married couple both of the Yi ethnic minority, left their home in Hanyuan County of Sichuan's Ya'an city and took root in this remote village that can only be reached after climbing five very steep ladders, known by the locals as Ladders to Heaven. They have spent 19 years paving a path towards education and moral learning for the children living in the mountain district. Above the Ladders to Heaven , the torch of hope is thus kindled, illuminating a vision of civilization. In this book, the author uses plain narrative to describe a modem Chinese version of the Promethean myth. Just like the billowing Dadu River and the grand Jinkou Canyon near Emei Mountains, the couple's stories arouse nothing but a great awe! What makes this book so gripping is its simple narration and beautiful illustrations that bring much aesthetic pleasure. Through vivid details, impressive moments of the couple's contribution throughout those 19 years are reproduced. Readers are also offered with a truthful depiction of the alluring landscapes in the region along with the colorfuI Yi customs. Many people have been profoundly moved by what Li Guilin and Lu Jianfen have done, and they have in turn impressed the couple. The five hand-made wooden ladders are now replaced by secure and sturdy steel ladders. The ethnic unity and friendship demonstrated in their mutual sympathy and support, are evidence of the Chinese people's moral values and the nation's long tradition as a land of great hospitalities.

Heroes of China's New Era:Above the "Ladders to Heaven" The Story of a Rural Teacher Couple