Hangzhou Splendors to the World: A Brief History of Hangzhou

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Table of Contents
Chapter One The Dawn of Civilization
Ⅰ.Kuahugiao Culture: An 8000-year-old Civilization
Ⅱ.Liangzhu Culture: A City Built
Chapter Two The Beginning of Qiantang
Ⅰ.Fragments of Treasure in Pre-Qin
Ⅱ.A Minor County during the Qin, Han and Six Dynasties
Ⅱ.Hangzhou Emerged in the Sui Dynasty
Ⅳ. Famous Prefecture in the Tang Dynasty
Chapter Three A Kingdom's Capital
Ⅰ.Qian Liu as the Founder of a Kingdom
Ⅱ.Protecting the Land and Safeguarding the People
Ⅲ. Building a Capital
Ⅳ. Managing Water Conservancy
V. Buddhist Kingdom in Southeast China
Chapter Four Capital of Wu Region
Ⅰ.First Prefecture in Southeast
Ⅱ.Governor Once in a Thousand Years
Ⅲ. The Meeting Place for Skillful Craftsmen
Chapter Five The Capital during the Southern Song
Ⅰ.Political Vicissitude
Ⅱ.Front Palace and Rear Palace
Ⅲ. Boundless Goods and Wealthy People
Ⅳ. Mountains beyond Mountains
V. Integration of the South with the North
Chapter Six Magnificent Heavenly City
Ⅰ.Development as a Provincial Capital
Ⅱ.A Cosmopolitan City
Ⅲ. Prosperity Coming Again
Ⅳ. Convergence of Eastern and Western Cultures
Chapter Seven Literary World in Wenlange Imperial Library
Ⅰ.Si Ku Quan Shu Stored in Wenlange Imperial Library
Ⅱ.Hangzhou as Headquarters of Zhe School Humanities
Ⅲ. Testimonies of Elegant Buildings
Chapter Eight Splendid Achieements
Ⅰ.New Government
Ⅱ.Social Development
Ⅲ. Reform and Opening-up
Ⅳ. Construction of a World Famous International City
Chronicle of Events in Hangzhou
Hangzhou Splendors to the World: A Brief History of Hangzhou