Green Book of Cruise Industry: Annual Report on China's Cruise Industry 2017

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Table of Contents
IGeneral Reports
G.1 China's Cruise Industry in 2016-2017: Transformation, Upgrading and Steady Development
G.2 Ten Hot Spots of China's Cruise Industry Development during 2016-2017
IIFeature Articles on "the Belt and Road"
G.3 Active Connection to "the Belt and Road" Initiative to Enable the Great-leap-forward Development of Shanghai Cruise Economy
G.4 Accomplishment of International Development of Shanghai Baoshan Cruise Economy by Taking Advantage of "the Belt and Road" IIIIndustrial Reports
G.5 Research on Asian Cruise Business Climate Index
G.6 Operational Status and Development Trend of Cruise Lines in China
G.7 Analysis on Collaborative and Innovative Development of Domestic Cruise Terminals 2016-2017
G.8 Development Path Research on Shanghai's Cruise Supporting Industry
G.9 Research on the Financial Service System for Development of China's Cruise Industry IVPolicy Recommendations Reports
G.10 Research on "Zone-terminal Linkage" Path against the Backdrop of System Innovation of Free Trade Zone
G.11 Market Analysis and Policy Research on Inbound Tours by Cruise Ships
G.12 Legal Coordination Difficulties in the Course of Chinalization of Cruise Industry and Coping Measures
G.13 Strategies on Promotion of Cruise Ship Supply Services of Port of Keelung, Taiwan China
G.14 Establishment and Application of International Cruise Inspection and Quarantine App
G.15 Discussion on the Nature and Governance Mode of Cruise Ship Environmental Pollution from the Perspective of Marine Right
G.16 Analysis on the Development Strategy and Path of China's Domestic Cruise from the Perspective of Differentiated Competition
Green Book of Cruise Industry: Annual Report on China's Cruise Industry 2017