Go2China Easy Pinyin CD-ROM

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Go2China Easy Pinyin is a program designed for learning Chinese phonetic transcription Pinyin. It' s a total inversion environment for you to learn all about Pinyin including initials, finals, their combinations (syllables), tones, modulations of tones, neutral tone, retroflex finals etc.. This program makes your learning process fun and easy and builds up a solid basis for your further study on Chinese.

Initials/Finals: With the pronunciation tips, speech organ illustrations and real human pronunciation you can learn and practice the initials and finals quickly and correctly.
Combinations: By choosing an initial and a final you can see the corresponding Chinese syllables with their Chinese characters and examples.
Exercises: Plenty of exercises help enhance your ability to discriminate the initials, finals, syllables and hence improve your Chinese pronunciation.
Test: Well designed tests help you not only examine what you have achieved with this program and how fast your Chinese pronunciation get improved but also consolidate effectively the knowledge you have obtained.

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Go2China Easy Pinyin CD-ROM