Gems of Modern Chinese Literature: Garden of Repose

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"It doesn't matter, really it doesn't," he said, shaking his head."Last time, the school wasn't fair.It wasn't his fault.Besides, today's Sunday The Zhaos have come for him.If we don't let him go, they'll say all kinds of things.Actually, everyone in the Zhao family loves him, so when he goes there, we don't need to worry". 
She hesitated for a moment, glanced up at lum, and, lowefing her eyes, said slowly: "But to go there every day and never study, to learn the manners of a rich young gendeman, that's not good either." 
"Dad! Dad!"Xiao Hu caUed happily from the window.He ran into the room, his head gleaming with sweat.He was wearing a white open-necked shirt and white duck shorts.Seeing his stepmother, he greeted her hurriedly and briefly: "Mother," and then mumbled an indistinct greeting to me.He bowed to me slightly, but so quickly that I just saw his head flash bup and down. 
"What is it? Why are you so happy?" my friend cried, his smile full of affection. 
"Grandma has sent a rickshaw for me to go and play," Xiao Hu answered as he ran up to his father and began shaking his hand. 
"Good, but you must come back early today," Lao Yao said, stroking the boy's head. 
"I know," the child answered happily He let go his father's hand and continued: "I'll go and get my clothes." Without another glance at lus fa-cher or mother, he ran out. 
Mrs.Yao gazed out the window, as if in thought. 
"For a father, you're certainly easy to get around," I said to Lao Yao jokingly I didn't like this "upbringing" of his. 
Mrs.Yao looked over towards me.
Gems of Modern Chinese Literature: Garden of Repose