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A Flock in the Wilderness
ISBN: 9787119092928 | Published on 01/2015 | Reviews:

A Global Community of Shared Future: Understanding the New Vision for Globalization
ISBN: 9787119128214 | Published on 12/2021

A Great Country's Craftspeople
ISBN: 9787119119892 | Published on 05/2021
This literary work focuses on the great spirit of Chinese craftspeople building the Red Flag Canal, recalling the stories of generations of artisans,...

A History of Taiwan from Prehistory to the Present
ISBN: 9787119089690 | Published on 10/2014

A Man of Faith: Lei Feng
ISBN: 9787119127552 | Published on 09/2021 | Reviews:
Lei Feng's Creeds  I will always be loyal to the Party, to socialism, and to communism. Human life is limited but serving people is...

A New History of Chinese Literary Criticism (3 vols)
ISBN: 9787119049847 | Published on 10/2013 | Series: China Studies

A Promise is A Promise: China's Approach and Practice of Targeted Poverty Alleviation
ISBN: 9787119125435 | Published on 01/2021
Poverty is a common challenge for human society. In 2020, China accomplished on schedule its poverty alleviation target and completely eliminated...

A Secret War - China's Drug Enforcement Actions
ISBN: 9787119119045 | Published on 04/2019

A Small Town Called Hibiscus
ISBN: 9787119092911 | Published on 01/2015

A Survivor of the Nanjing Massacre Chang Zhiqiang's Life
ISBN: 9787119122892 | Published on 07/2020
This book records the historical facts of the Nanjing Massacre from the perspective of a survivor and is of high value among the literature on...

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Established in 1952, Foreign Languages Press (FLP) is a professional international publishing house. Over the past half century, FLP has published, in 43 languages, over 30,000 book titles, including the works of Party and State leaders, important records and documents, and books providing social, political, economic and cultural insight on China, totaling over 400 million printed copies distributed throughout more than 160 countries and regions in the world. As well, FLP has taken full advantage of its hallmark reputation to publish series of distinguished foreign-language teaching books.