A Man of Faith: Lei Feng

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Lei Feng's Creeds 
I will always be loyal to the Party, to socialism, and to communism.
Human life is limited but serving people is unlimited. I want to devote my limited life to serving people unlimitedly.
If you were a water drop, would you like to moisten an inch of land? If you were a ray of sunshine, would you like to light up a portion of the dark? If you were a morsel of food, would you like to nurture innocent life? If you were the tiniest bolt, would you like to stay in place and fulfill your duty?
The nail has at least two strong points: one is squeezing, and the other is drilling. We should advocate this 'nail spirit' in our studies.

 Lei Feng, a Chinese Communist, is known to millions of people in China and remembered by generations. Lei Feng’s grand beliefs and firm commitment were the driving force behind his lifelong struggle for the Party and the people. His stories embody many of the best qualities of the Chinese people: loyalty, hard work, helpfulness, and optimism. Though his life ended at the age of 22, Lei Feng had dedicated all he had to the motherland and the people by making extraordinary achievements in his ordinary life. By a vivid account of Lei Feng’s unique upbringing and the path he took in life, this book shows the mission and dedication of the Chinese Communists.

About the Author 
Hu Shizong, consultant of Liaoning Writer’s Association and military writer, has written and published 65 books of poetry, prose, reportage, and commentary. He has edited and compiled 44 collections of literary works. Some of his works have been included in primary and secondary school textbooks, and he received the Award for Cultural Works on Five Areas. Hu has been studying Lei Feng for many years, writing about him even when Lei Feng was still alive. He has co-authored books such as Lei Feng, The Biography of Lei Feng, and A Great Warrior with the late military writer Chen Guangsheng (known as the first person to write about Lei Feng).
Table of Contents
Chapter I A Miserable Childhood
Chapter II A Cheerful Youngster
Chapter III A Correspondent
Chapter IV Admiration for Model Workers
Chapter V A Tractor Operator
Chapter VI Heading for Ansteel
Chapter VII A BuLldozer Operator
Chapter VIII The Chinese Pavel Korchagin
Chapter IX Joining the Army
Chapter X A Magnetic Recruit
Chapter XI A Simple and Frugal Life
Chapter XII Stemming the Flood in the Rain
Chapter XIII A Remarkable Counselor
Chapter XIV The Party's Guidance
Chapter XV A Gathering of Model Soldiers
Chapter XVI The Everlasting Spirit of Lei Feng
To Promote the Spirit of Lei Feng in the New Era
A Man of Faith: Lei Feng