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English Translation Series of a Hundred Peking Opera Classics: The Great Enthronement
ISBN: 9787560085357 | Published on 09/2012

Multimedia encyclopedia of China
ISBN: 9787119059471 | Published on 09/2009
Chinapedia is the only multimedia English e-book in China. It explains Chinese politics, economics, history, geography, ethnic groups, science and...

Marele Dictionar Chinez-Roman
ISBN: 9787521346824 | Published on 08/2023

The Invisible Peking Opera
ISBN: 9787119051116 | Published on 01/2009
As the quintessence of Chinese culture and a combination of China?ˉs ancient opera skills, including singing, talking, acting and acrobatic fighting,...

Everyday Chinese (1 book, 3 CDs and 1 DVD-ROM)
ISBN: 7560061249, 9787560061245 | Published on 08/2006
Authentic Language for Real-life Communication Everyday Chinese is a multimedia package for the teaching of oral Chinese. It is designed to enable...

Tibet Kingdom of A Li Gu Ge (58 kinds of postcards) (English)
ISBN: 711903746 | Published on 12/2004
Tibet Kingdom of A Li Gu Ge (58 kinds of postcards) (English)

Brush and Ink in Chinese Painting
ISBN: 9787513585590 | Published on 02/2017

From Oracle Bones to E-Publications - Three Milennia of Publishing of China
ISBN: 9787119060217 | Published on 09/2009
One of the world's four ancient civilizations, Chinese civilization has continued for thousands of years without interruption. It is a culture...

Somewhere Far Away
ISBN: 9787119081724 | Published on 10/2013
About Author Yang Yi,Venturing from the concrete jungle of the city into the wilds of nature was like breaking free from my cocoon and sailing into...

The Invisible Great Wall
ISBN: 9787119036960 | Published on 01/2004 | Reviews:
The Great Wall, more than 5000 kilometers long, has been in existence for 2000 years, and depending on such factors as time, location and...

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Founded in 1979, Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press (FLTRP) has since grown into the largest foreign languages publisher and university press in China. 
FLTRP's publications range from academic and educational works, to humanities and social sciences, natural sciences, and to the mass reading and children's books. With a special strength in languages and deep understanding of Chinese and other cultures, FLTRP is well positioned to tell China stories to the world.