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Master Classics Library: The Great Learning (Chinese-English)
ISBN: 7513504601,9787513504607 | Published on 01/2011 | Reviews:

Morgenblueten abends gepflueckt
ISBN: 9787119029740 | Published on 02/2002 | Reviews:
Das Buch Morgenblueten abends gepflueckt ist von Lu Xun im Jahre 1927 geschrieben. Es besteht aus 12 kurzen Texte und die meisten hat Luxun aus dem...

Robinson Crusoe (English-Chinese)
ISBN: 7119038427 | Published on 01/2005

Selected Poems of John Keats
ISBN: 7513513929,9787513513920 | Published on 11/2011 | Reviews:

Selected Poems of William Blake
ISBN: 7513513945,9787513513944 | Published on 11/2011 | Reviews:
Consists of Blakes most well-known poems, e.g., Poetical Sketches, Songs of Innocence. Translated by Yuan Kejia, Zha Liangzheng.

Six Chapters of A Floating Life
ISBN: 9787560015958 | Published on 02/1999 | Reviews:
This English edition is Lin Yutang's favourite translation and fully demonstrates his learning and literary talent. The original in Chinese, written...
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ISBN: 9787119029603 | Published on 01/2003 | Reviews:
What is the interest of publishing a collection of articles already published in the Chinese newspapers? When I told the publisher about my dream, I...

ISBN: 7119009648 | Published on 01/2003

The Blue House
ISBN: 9787119033594 | Published on 03/2005 | Reviews:
Cheng Naishan captivates her readers with stories about the lives of the Shanghai capitalists who have weathered thirty years of political...

The Mountain Flowers Have Bloomed Quietly
ISBN: 9787119033587 | Published on 03/2005 | Reviews:
In this anthology are four pieces by the well-known Shanghai woman writer Lu Xing'er, one of many talented authors who have appeared on the Chinese...

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Founded in 1979, Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press (FLTRP) has since grown into the largest foreign languages publisher and university press in China. 
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