The Blue House

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Cheng Naishan captivates her readers with stories about the lives of the Shanghai capitalists who have weathered thirty years of political vicissitudes, as well as the lives and thinking of their children. Through the depiction of family life and romance, Cheng Naishan skillfully brings out the life and paradoxes of Shanghai, China's largest metropolis.Cheng Naishan was born in Shanghai in 1946 and graduated from the English Department of Shanghai's Education Institute. In 1979 her first work, "The Song Mother Taught Me to Sing", was published in Shanghai Literature and a collection of her stories, The Death of the Swan, was published by the Jiangsu People's Press in 1982. In September 1983 she joined the Shanghai Writers Association. In the winter of 1990, she settled down in Hong Kong. She's now a member of the Hong Kong Writers Council.
Table of Contents

The Blue House
The Poor Street
Hong Taitai
Gong Chun's Teapot
Row,Row,Row:Row to Grandma's
The Blue House