Feiyue Chinese: Exercise Book 02

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The complete set of textbooks, divided into 4 levels, is intended for English-speaking students in grades 9-12 of overseas high schools. It can also be used by college students and adults.
Feiyue means to fly forward and is a metaphor for the progression that will occur in students' Chinese proficiency levels after actively working through the thoughtfully designed exercises and activities in these textbooks and workbooks.
This series has the following features:
The content reflects ACTFL's 5C (Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities) foreign language teaching principles.
Lead-in pictures highlight each lesson's subject matter and key words.
Each lesson consists of a dialogue and a narrative passage in both simplified and traditional characters with pinyin transcription.
The lesson texts fully reflect the real life of modem Chinese people and include frequently-used new words in the internet era.
Each lesson integrates an array of exercises and activities in listening, speaking, reading, writing/typing Chinese, and translation.
Characters are taught with illustrated components while handwriting and 'e-writing' skills are trained simultaneously.
Language points are explained in context with simple and precise English, focusing on the differences between Chinese and English.
A wealth of authentic materials (texts, pictures and audios) accompany the lessons and can be tailored to students' individual needs.
The Cultural Kaleidoscope section in each lesson introduces Chinese cultural elements closely related to the lesson texts.
Audio files can be downloaded for all texts and listening exercises by scanning the QR code on the title page.
Table of Contents
Table of contents: Feiyue Chinese: Exercise Book 02 (ISBN:9787513822190)
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Sample pages of Feiyue Chinese: Exercise Book 02 (ISBN:9787513822190) Sample pages of Feiyue Chinese: Exercise Book 02 (ISBN:9787513822190) Sample pages of Feiyue Chinese: Exercise Book 02 (ISBN:9787513822190) Sample pages of Feiyue Chinese: Exercise Book 02 (ISBN:9787513822190)
Feiyue Chinese: Exercise Book 02