Feathermen in the Boat Race:A Memento of Ningbo's Evolution

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Table of Contents
Part 1 A General Review of Ningbo's History
Ⅰ.Hemudu: The Earliest Hometown Well of Ningbo
Ⅱ.Early Inhabitants' Gradual Migration from the Siming Foothills to the Plain
Ⅲ.Early Castles and Administration in Ningbo
Ⅳ.Xiaoxi Town: An Ancient Cit; near Xikou
Ⅴ.The Three-River Junction: The Core of Trade-Oriented Mingzhou
Ⅵ.An Internationally Prestigious Port City
Ⅶ.The Origin of the Name of Ningbo
Ⅷ.The First Bund in China for Opening Up and Overseas Trade
Ⅸ.Marching Towards a Modern International Port City

Part 2 Anecdotes of Ningbo
Ⅰ.The Striped Bronze Tomahawk: A Cultural Highlight of Ningbo
Ⅱ.Stories about the City Name
Ⅲ.Ningbo: A City of Waters
Ⅳ.The Estuary of China's Grand Canal
Ⅴ.The Drum Tower Overlooking Haishu District for a Millennium
Ⅵ.Ningbo: The Metamorphosis of lts Marketplaces
Ⅶ.Ningbo: A Galaxy of Talents and Literati
Ⅷ.Ningbo Merchants Union: An Internationally Reputed Business Group
Ⅸ.Ningbo: A City with Numerous Ancient Treasures
Ⅹ.Ningbo Culture: A List of lts "Intangible Cultural Heritages"
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Feathermen in the Boat Race:A Memento of Ningbo's Evolution