Engineering Geology

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Table of Contents

PrefaceChapter 1 Introduction1.1 History1.2 The Practice1.3 Scope of Studies1.4 Geo-hazards and Adverse Geo-conditions1.5 Soil and Rock Mechanics1.6 Methods and ReportingChapter 2 Minerals2.1 DefinitionBasic definitionRocks, ores, and gemsNomenclature and classification2.2 Mineral Chemistry2.3 Physical PropertiesHardnessLuster and diaphaneityColor and streakCleavage, parting, fracture, and tenacitySpecific gravityOther propertiesChapter 3 Rocks3.1 Igneous RocksIgneous intrusionsVolcanic activity and extrusive rocksTexture ofigneous rocksIgneous rock types''3.2 Metamorphism and Metamorphic RocksMetamorphic textures and structuresThermal or contact metamorphismRegional metamorphismDynamic metamorphismMetasomatism3.3 Sedimentary RocksBedding and sedimentary structuresSedimentary rock typesStratigraphy and stratificationChapter 4 Geology Actions4.1 WeatheringMechanical weatheringChemical and biological weatheringEngineering classificatioof weathering4.2 Movement of SlopesSoilcreepLandslidesClassificatioof landslides4.3 Fluvial ProcessesThe development of drainage systemsKarst topography and underground drainage4.4 Wind Actioand Desert LandscapesWind actionDesert dunes4.5 Stream ActioiArid and Semi-arid RegionsChapter 5 Geology Structures5.1 FoldsAnatomy of foldsTypes of folding……Chapter 6 SoilsChapter 7 Ground WaterChapter 8 Mass WastingChapter 9 EarthquakeReferences

Engineering Geology