Encounters: Chinese Language and Culture 1 Student Book

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Welcome to Encounters, a groundbreaking Chinese language program that features a dramatic series filmed entirely in China. The program's highly communicative approach immerses learners in the Chinese language and culture through video episodes that directly correspond to units in the textbook. By combining a compelling storyline with a wealth of educational materials, Encounters weaves a tapestry of Chinese language and culture rich in teaching and learning opportunities.

Encounters follows a carefully structured and cumulative approach. Students progress from listening and speaking to the more difficult skills of reading and writing Chinese characters, building grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation skills along the way.

The Encounters program includes:
A dramatic series , filmed on location in Beijing, Qinghai Lake, Shanghai, Yangshuo, Suzhou, and Xi'an, making today's China come alive.
Video exercises and cultural segments that motivate students to learn.
Full-color Student Books integrated with the multimedia program.
Annotated Instructor's Editions featuring suggested class activities, answer keys, and teaching tips.
Character Writing Workbooks to help master the art of Chinese writing.
200+ minutes of audio material and podcasts for listening and speaking practice.
Table of Contents
Academic Committee

Introductory Unit: "You'll pick it up fast"
Introduction to Chinese
1: Tones and numbers
FYI The neutral tone
FYI Tonal shifts (sandhi) on yi (the number one)
More on numbers
2: Chinese syllables
FYI About Chinese sounds
The initial consonants + y and w
The final vowels + n and ng
3: Poems from the Tang Dynasty (618-907 CE)
"Thoughts on a Quiet Night"
"Climbing Stork Tower"
4: Introduction to Chinese characters
Recognizing radicals
Recognizing numbers
Reading real-life texts
Radicals and numbers on signs
Unit Rap
5: Writing
Learning to write characters
CULTURAL BITS What is culture?
Checklist of "can do" statements

Unit One:"We're all one family"
Introducing yourself by nationality and background
1: Greeting people and introducing yourself
Greeting people
FYI Greetings in Chinese
FYI Other common greetings
Introducing yourself
FYI Introductions
Grammar: Personal pronouns
2: Leave-taking and more introductions
Saying goodbye
FYI Saving goodbye
GRAMMAR BITS Stative verbs · Equative verbs
Grammar: Negation
FYI More on tone sandhi: The negative adverb bu
Formal and informal speech
FYI Levels of formality
3: Talking about where you come from
GRAMMAR BITS The particle mo
Recognizing tones
Grammar: Question words nar, shenme,shei
4: Asking for and giving phone numbers
GRAMMAR BITS Review of question words
5: Expressing thanks, apologizing, and asking for clarification
Thanking and apologizing
Asking for clarification
Putting it all together
6: Reading and writing
Recognizing traditional vs. simplified characters
FYI Development of simplified characters
Recognizing radicals
Reading real-life texts
Familiar terms in signs and handwritten notes
Learning to write characters
Writing a note
Exchanging names with a classmate
CULTURAL BITS Introductions, greetings, and goodbyes
Stative verbs · Equative verbs · Question words · Plurals · Particles ma and ne
Adverbs · Possessive marker de · Negation with bu
Checklist of "can do" statements

Unit Two:"Friends from the start"
Unit Three: "Don't leave before I arrive"
Unit Four:"If only we had met sooner"
Unit Five:"Family and friends"
Unit Six:"Happy at home and work"
Unit Seven: "Meeting our needs"
Unit Eight:"Early to bed, early to rise..." 
Unit Nine: "You get what you pay for"
Unit Ten:"Good quality at a low price"

Chinese-English Glossary
English-Chinese Glossary
Chinese Place Names
Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of Encounters: Chinese Language and Culture 1 Student Book (ISBN:9787513802338)
Sample pages of Encounters: Chinese Language and Culture 1 Student Book (ISBN:9787513802338)
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Encounters: Chinese Language and Culture 1 Student Book