EI chino paso a paso 3 Libro de texto

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Author: Ma Yamin; Li Xinying;
Format: Books,MP3; 285 × 210 × 7 mm
Page: 161
Publication Date: 05/2015
ISBN: 9787561941669
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Level: Pre-Intermediate,Intermediate ; Primary School ,Middle School

Easy Steps to Chinese (Spanish Edition) is a set of Chinese textbooks for young native Spanish speakersstudying Chinese.This is Textbook 3 in the series. It is composed of 5 units,each with 3 lessons, respectively introducing topics such as “relatives”, “looks”,“seeing a doctor”, “seasons”, “occupations”, “hobbies”, “subjects”, “schoolfacilities”, “stationery”, “food market”, “snacks”, “eating out”, “community”, “askingfor directions” and “neighbors”. It is a color textbook with beautiful illustrations, practicalconversations and short passages, which help students to make simplecommunication in fluent and accurate Chinese. Apart from the MP3 CD, it alsoprovides a QR code for students to download the audio files to their mobiledevices so that they can study them anytime anywhere.

Usage Advice: This book can be used as an intermediate Chinesetextbook for young native Spanish speakers studying Chinese.

About the Author
Yamin Ma, B.A. in English Language and Literature, andM.A. in Education, is currently a Chinese teacher in Island School, Hong Kong.Ma has gained years of experience in teaching Chinese as a foreign language andshe actively keeps up with the trends of AP Chinese Test in U.S. and the IBChinese Test in Europe. Her research covers English language teaching, Chineselanguage teaching and educational psychology. She has read and published anumber of papers in international conferences.

EI chino paso a paso 3 Libro de texto